15 Creative Ways to Display Funeral Photos

15 Creative Ways to Display Funeral Photos

Displaying funeral photos is a meaningful way to honor and remember loved ones. There are many creative ways to showcase these cherished memories, from traditional methods like photo collages and picture boards to more modern approaches like digital slideshows and memorial videos. Here are some unique and impactful ideas to help you create a memorable funeral photo display:


1. Digital Slideshow Presentation

Creating a slideshow presentation with a projector or large TV screen is an excellent way to display additional pictures at a funeral. You can use software like PowerPoint or Google Slides to arrange the photos and add music or narration. Select various images that showcase the diverse aspects of the departed’s life, from significant milestones to everyday moments of joy. Set the slideshow to meaningful music or narration that resonates with the emotions of the occasion. This dynamic presentation allows attendees to immerse themselves in the memories and stories depicted in each photograph, fostering a sense of connection and remembrance.


2. Funeral Photo Book

When families assemble a photo album for a funeral, they can showcase images that capture the true spirit of their loved one’s life and the people who positively impacted them. This photo book, designed to be cherished for many years and passed down through generations, provides a lasting source of comfort and reassurance, offering a tangible connection to the memories of the departed.


3. Picture Board for a Funeral

A picture board is an excellent way to showcase photos at a funeral, offering versatile placement options for maximum impact. Whether positioned at the entrance, reception area, near the guest book, or by the coffin, it is a focal point for attendees to engage with, reflect upon, and discuss. This versatility empowers you to control the narrative and impact of the photo display, ensuring your tribute is as unique and impactful as the life it honors.


4. Memorial Video Slideshow

You can create a memorial slideshow video in many different ways. One way is to use a monument slideshow template. You can quickly and easily add photos and clipart and then save them to a removable drive or cloud storage.

Other sites offer funeral video templates if you are not techy and need help. All you have to do is edit them. Sites like Flexclip offer that for free.

If you need some software tools, other sites to create a slideshow or video template are the following:


5. Memory Table

A memory table is a great way to display photos and other memorabilia and keepsakes. There are many funeral table decoration ideas. You can get a banquet table, put framed pictures on it, and print out memorial poems and quotes to display. Your funeral picture display can include cards that spell out different events in the deceased life and a vase with their favorite flowers or candles. You can also add other personalized items, such as items from a hobby, a favorite book, or a clothing item. There are many options.


6. Tri-Fold Funeral Photo Collage

When making a photo collage, choosing the right photos is important. Select images that capture the essence of the person’s life, from significant milestones to everyday moments of joy. To get started, you’ll need a tri-fold display board, available at most office supply stores and on Amazon. You’ll also need removable double-sided tape that won’t break your photos. Add the person’s name to the top of the display, and use these tips to choose pictures for your memorial collage.


7. Tree of Life Memorial Photo Display

Make a tree of life for a creative and unique memorial service picture display. The tree of life symbolizes the interconnectedness of all life, making it a fitting choice for a memorial service. This is an excellent option for displaying photos near the casket or cremation urn or welcoming guests to the memorial service in the lobby. It’s easy to make if you also have limited spare time. Here’s how:

– Buy a large potted tree at a local nursery.

– Choose photos of significant moments, the deceased with family and friends, and other unique pictures.

– Have the photos printed on heavy cardstock.

– Punch a small hole in the top of each printed photo and tie a ribbon through the hole to make a loop.

– Decorate the branches of the tree with the photos.


8. Memorial Blooms Funeral Photo Display

Flowers are lovely and can be a great way to draw attention to your photo display at the memorial service. If you have a guestbook or memory book available for guests to record special memories of the deceased, you can use this type of photo display to decorate that table. It can also work well anywhere you have a table at the memorial service. You can use as many photos as you like. Here’s how:

– Choose plain glass containers, such as Mason jars, milk bottles, or simple vases.

– Using double-sided tape, affix a photo to the front of each glass container. Choose images that show the deceased looking happy or enjoying special moments.

– Place a single flower or a simple arrangement in each container with some water.


9. Easel Memorial Service Photo Display

Nothing beats a simple easel memorial for a classic photo display at a funeral. You can have a mounted photo poster printed at a professional printing service, such as MPix or Visionary Views, which can print photos for you, and you can choose to design it yourself or use a template. Either way, keep these tips in mind for selecting and displaying the photo poster on an easel:

– Choose a simple easel, often available from the funeral home.

– Place the display near the casket or urn so everyone can use the photo to remember the person.

– Choose a picture with a large resolution to be printed. Ideally, this will be a professional photo or a photo from a recent digital camera. Older digital photos or small phone pictures don’t have the resolution to handle that kind of enlargement.

– If you need a photo that can be printed that large, consider making a collage out of several images.


10. Memorial Card

Including a photograph on a memorial card offers an easy way to honor the cherished deceased. The memorial card serves as a keepsake for attendees, providing a meaningful physical memento that safeguards both the photo and the associated memories.


11. Hanging Photos from Helium or Floating Latex Balloons

Hang photos from helium or floating latex balloons to create a whimsical and memorable display. This can be especially effective for a more casual or outdoor memorial service.


12. Display Photos on Branches Like a Tree

Display photos on branches like trees to create a unique and visually striking display. Attach the images to the branches using clips, tape, or other adhesives.


13. Hang Photos from Clothespins on a Clothesline

Hang photos from clothespins on a clothesline to create a nostalgic and heartwarming display. This can be especially effective for a more casual or outdoor memorial service.


14. Sit Photo Albums Out on Tables for People to Look Through

Sit photo albums out on tables for people to look through. This allows guests to flip through the pages and relive memories of the deceased. You can include captions or quotes to provide context and add emotional depth.


15. Add Photos to the Funeral Guest Book

Add photos to the funeral guest book to create a personalized and meaningful keepsake. This can be especially effective for a more intimate or family-oriented memorial service.

Displaying funeral photos is a meaningful way to honor and remember loved ones. By incorporating these creative ideas into your funeral service, you can create a lasting tribute that celebrates your loved one’s life and legacy. Whether you choose a traditional photo collage or a more modern digital slideshow, the key is to make the display personal and meaningful to the deceased and their loved ones.

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Using a digital photo frame for a funeral offers several benefits:


1. Versatility: Digital frames can display a wide variety of photos, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats, allowing you to showcase a diverse range of images.

2. High-Quality Display: Digital frames feature high-resolution screens that showcase photos in stunning detail, ensuring that cherished memories are displayed.

3. Remote Control: Many digital frames come with remote controls, making it easy to switch between images, adjust settings, and customize the display without having to interact with the frame physically.

4. Automatic Slideshow: Digital frames often have an automatic slideshow function. This function can be set to rotate through your photo collection, creating a dynamic display that keeps memories alive.

5. Storage Capacity: Digital frames offer ample storage capacity, allowing you to store hundreds or even thousands of photos on a single device, ensuring that all your favorite memories are easily accessible.

6. Customization Options: Many digital frames allow customization, such as choosing different transition effects, adjusting the slideshow speed, and adding background music to create a personalized viewing experience.

7. Energy Efficiency: Digital frames are designed to be energy-efficient, often featuring built-in timers or motion sensors that automatically turn off the display when no one is around, saving both energy and money.

8. Wireless Connectivity: Some digital frames offer wireless connectivity options, allowing you to sync your frame with your smartphone or social media accounts, making it easy to display and share photos instantly.

9. Calendar and Clock Features: Many digital frames come with additional features, such as calendars and clocks, making them a functional and stylish addition to any room.

10. Easy Maintenance: Digital frames are easy to maintain, requiring only occasional wiping to keep the screen smudge-free and looking its best.

These benefits make digital photo frames a practical and meaningful way to display photos at a funeral, providing a convenient and engaging way to share cherished memories with loved ones.


Incorporating personal items into a funeral photo display can make the tribute more meaningful and memorable. Here are some ideas to help you include personal items:


1. Memory Table:

   – Decorate a banquet table with framed photos, printed poems and quotes, and other memorabilia.

   – Include items representing the deceased’s favorite hobbies, interests, or passions.

   – Use cards to spell out significant events in their life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or career milestones.

   – Add a vase with their favorite flowers or candles to create a warm ambiance.

2. Tree of Life:

   – Use a large potted tree and decorate the branches with photos printed on heavy cardstock.

   – Punch a small hole in each photo and tie a ribbon through the hole to create a loop.

   – This display can be placed near the casket or cremation urn or in the lobby to welcome guests.

3. Memorial Blooms:

   – Use plain glass containers like Mason jars or vases and attach photos using double-sided tape.

   – Place a single flower or a simple arrangement in each container with water.

   – This display can be used to decorate tables or areas designated for quiet reflection.

4. Personalized Items:

   – Include items from the deceased’s hobbies, such as musical instruments, sports equipment, or art supplies.

   – Use their favorite book, clothing, or other belongings to create a meaningful display.

   – Add personal items representing their career, such as a doctor’s stethoscope or a chef’s hat.

5. Digital Display:

   – Display photos with a digital frame or laptop with a slideshow feature.

   – Add personal items like videos, music, or quotes to create a more immersive experience.

   – Consider using a tablet or projector to display the photos and personal items.


Losing someone can be rough, so we do our best to make the experience as memorable as possible.


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